Supply Calculator, Doctrine Info, QoL Improvements

Posted 2 years ago by Conqhub

  • New Features
    • Supply Dump Calculator.
      • The Supply Calculator allows you to select as many kits, materials, or artillery; input a quantity and receive the recipe breakdown of all the materials you will need along with the silver required. This is broken down per and as a grand total at the end of the page. The page is meant to be navigated through its steps with Step 1 being there for the selection of supplies, step 2 for the input of quantity, and step 3 for recipe selection and breakdown.
      • Test out the feature here: Suply Calculator Tool
    • When viewing the horses in the website, below their view page you will be able to see what units use the specific horse you are currently viewing (Thanks "Just Lukas?" for suggesting this feature).
  • Bug Fixes
    • Updated Optimal Culverin recipe, to require copper (Thanks Nivi for reporting it).
    • Updated Wrought Iron recipe, it was using Hematite image rather than chalcopyrite ( Thanks Todliche for reporting it).
    • Updated Cheap Fabric recipe to require the use of Flax (Thanks to 계란계란 for reporting it).
    • Updated Shield Maiden Recipe that erroniously listed that it needed Pure Iron, and changed it to Pure Copper the correct material ( Thanks Daso for reporting it).
    • Fixed a anchor issue, where if you clicked on the Kriegsrat kit image, it would take you to the Halberdier Sergeant kit page ( Thanks rpgmaniac for reporting it).
    • Updated Selemchid Cavalry leadership cost from 180 to 170 ( Thanks rpgmaniac for reporting it).
    • Updated Rattan Vipers leadership cost from 195 to 165 ( Thanks Jixxor for reporting it).
    • Updated Incendiary Archers leadership cost from 190 to 180 ( Thanks Jixxor for reporting it).
    • Updated Shieldmaidens formations that did not list their schiltron formation ( Thanks ecksydee for reporting it).
    • Updated While Elk Fort map to reflect the new layout with the moved supply point ( Thanks Sleepy for reporting it).
  • Updates
    • Doctrines now have a new filter that will show the user what doctrines can be obtained from a specific excavation site.
    • Added the Shieldmaiden video guide

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