Season 9 Tyranny!

Posted 1 year ago by Conqhub

  • New Features
    • Season 9 page is live!
    • Season 9 Units, Doctrines, Challenges, and Kits are all live in the site to browse.
  • Bug Fixes
    • Fixed an error with units displaying all the damage doctrines they could use (Thanks SpecialK for reporting it).
    • Fixed an error where Epic Spear Doctrine III was showing the wrong values (Thanks rpgmaniac for reporting it).
    • Changed the name of the uncommon leather from Tanned Hide to Tanned Leather (Thanks rpgmaniac for reporting it).
    • Resovled an issue where Imperial Pike Guards diplayed unequippable doctrines in best doctrines area (Thanks Tae for reporting it).
  • Updates
    • Adjusted Unit Leaderships of the following units: Modao Battalion, Greyhair Garrison, Cudgel Monks, Liaos Rangers, Falconetti, Siphonarioi, Shieldmaidens, Iron Reapers, Modao Battalion, Sihladars, Winged Hussars, Kheshigs, Cataphracts, Rattan Rangers, Monastic Knights, Fire Lancers, Symmachean Stalwarts, Imperial Spearmen, Greyhair Garrison, Kriegsrat Fussiliers, Imperial Arquebusiers, Vassal Longbowmen, Janissaries, Sipahis, Dagger-Axe lancers, Prefecture Heavy Cavalry, Yeomen
    • Added the Damage Reduction vs Heroes to the following units: Ironcap Swordsmen, Berserkers, Prefecture Pikemen, Landsknechts, Pavise Crossbowmen, Tercio, Kriegsrat Fussilier, Imperial Arquebusiers, Demesne Arquebusiers, Janissaries, Ironcap Arquebusiers, Winged Hussars, Cataphract Lancers, Kheshigs, Monastic Knights, Armiger Lancers, Dagger-Axe Lancers, Heavy Prefecture Cavalry, Yeomen.
    • Added a montage for Zykalian Militia (10/10)

If you have a bug you'd like to report or a feature you wish to request for the website feel free to join the discord and let me know ConqHub Discord