MORE Season 5 updates and bugfixes

Posted 2 years ago by Conqhub

  • New Sections have been added to the Season 5 information page:.
    • Progression: details a possible progression system to be implemented in Season 5
    • Season Rewards: A carousel with the rewards for season 5 levels
    • Season Store: Images regarding Season 5 Store
    • Attires: Available player and horse attire for Season 5
  • All placeholder information has been updated with the proper information
  • Added Season 5 Doctrines, with placeholder name (which might be correct, time will tell)
  • Unit names and the new region name have been replaced with the server versions
  • Bug fixed on Season index page, had issues with mobile
  • Added the feedback page
  • Changes to the characteristics of old units and their fire resistance properties, introduced by Season 5
  • Changed the leadership cost of Season 4 Blood of the Empire units to reflect their cost in Season 5

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