Epic Doctrines are here!

Posted 2 years ago by Conqhub

  • New Features
    • None this update as the new artillery update is still in development.
  • Bug Fixes
    • Fixed a bug where Spear Sergeants Kit had the incorrect amount of composite wood required in their kit breakdown. (Thanks 계란계란 for reporting)
    • Fixed with the text of Rare Polearm Doctrine II (was "Increases" is now "Reduces" charge cooldown). (Thanks X-Law for reporting)
    • Fixed a bug where Fire Lancers Kit had the wrong material in their kit breakdown (was Quality Fabric is now Fine Fabric). (Thanks Justify for reporting)
    • Fixed a bug where Imperial Javelins had the wrong leadership cost to 240 (was 230). (Thanks Fake Gold Chains for reporting)
  • Updates
    • Added the video guide for Armiger Lancers by Handbananapvp
    • Added the video guide for Liaos Rangers by Evo Loz Gaming
    • All new purple and blue doctrines have been added to the site. (Thanks Audemar for the images!)
    • There was a discrepancy in name and effect between the old permanent purple doctrines and the new ones, the new names have overridden the old.
    • Removed some of the extra text from the doctrine list page, and moved into into the doctrine view page to keep the list page concise.
    • Updated the challenges for the Liao's rangers to properly reflect the in game ones.

If you have a bug you'd like to report or a feature you wish to request for the website feel free to join the discord and let me know ConqHub Discord