BACK ONLINE S11 Paragons + Season 12 Helheim!

Posted 1 year ago by Conqhub

  • New Features
    • Season 11 page is live!
    • Season 11 Units, Doctrines and Kits are all live in the site to browse.
    • Season 12 page is live!
    • Season 12 Units, Doctrines and Kits are all live in the site to browse.
  • Bug Fixes
    • Added tweak ingredients to the stone materials. (Thanks TOAST for reporting it).
    • Adjusted the leadership value of Cataphracts (again) (Thanks Jixxor for reporting it).
    • Adjusted the Anti Cavalry Doctrine damage values (Thanks X-Law for reporting it).
    • Adjusted an issue with the Resist Arrow Doctrine not showing for certain applicable units (Thanks X-Law for reporting it).
    • Removed Epic Spear Doctrine V from applicable list for Imperial Spear Guards and Black Dragon Spearmen (Thanks Wodane for reporting it).
  • Updates
    • Updated Tyranny units doctrine recommendations
    • Updated Highlander units doctrine recommendations
    • Added video guides to the Highlander units.
    • Added Highlander unit doctrine recommendations.
    • Adjusted the Leadership values for the following units: Men-at-Arms, Symmachean Paladin, Tseregs, Ironcap Spearmen, Imperial Spear Guards, Spear Sergeants, Symmachean Stalwarts, Cudgel Monks, Wolves of Fenrir.
    • Added Chrysoberyl Resource, new resource introduced in Season 12

If you have a bug you'd like to report or a feature you wish to request for the website feel free to join the discord and let me know ConqHub Discord