Ads, better links, and search optimization

Posted 1 year ago by Conqhub

  • Google Ads are now displayed in the website above each page's main content and below it.
    • For some context on this update, I would like the website to pay for itself, in terms of server cost and DNS renewal, to this end I have added 2 small ads before and after the content. It is not my intention to turn the website into a geocities website with ads after every paragraph as this is mostly a passion project. If you are reading this and wish to support the site, I would ask to whitelist the website if you are using adblock as it would support the maintenance and further development of the site. Know that I have no intention to sacrifice user experience by adding ads, but rather coexist within the same template.
  • Each page now has its own descriptive title, this will reflect most clearly on your tabs and when linking the page, the title and description of the resource you are linking to will display as its embedded description rather than the generic homepage one.
  • The Addition of the titles brought with it a tailored meta content to each page which will allow it to rank higher in Google Searches and make it easier on people searching for specific information from the website when trying to find it in Google.

If you have a bug you'd like to report or a feature you wish to request for the website feel free to join the discord and let me know ConqHub Discord